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The World's First Asian-Polynesian Jazz Orchestra

New York 2023

New Zealand 2024 and beyond..

As part of my Master's degree at Queens College,

I am planning, writing for and piloting the world's first Asian-Polynesian Jazz Orchestra - the APJO.

Inspired by the Grammy Award-winning Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra and various arts administration mentors and opportunities I have had in New York, the mission of the APJO is as follows:

- to give up-and-coming musicians, especially Asian-Polynesian jazz artists a world-class orchestra which they can aspire to play in

- to establish an orchestra for which composers of all backgrounds can explore writing Asian and/or Polynesian jazz music

which both lead to the overarching goals of:

- inspiring young Asian/Polynesian musicians to pursue music as a career path and

- promoting traditional Asian and Polynesian music around the world through the context of the jazz

Watch this space and please feel free to write me for more info!

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